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Nanjing Anyun electromechanical Co。, Ltd was founded in 1997, is a professional engaged in industrial control and drive product sales,technology development, system design solution for the implementation ofthe Integrated Company。 Facing the increasingly personalized market demand, Nanjing Anyun 160 excellent enterprise management, marketing and technical support staff distributed in 10 provinces and cities nationwide。For the various problems encountered in the field of industrial automation,we according to the actual needs of customers, combined with the characteristics of agent products, provide cost-effective integrated solutionsand efficient pre-sale after sale technical services for customers, including the determination of demand analysis and scheme, site commissioning,technical training and maintenance repair etc。。

Since the company since its establishment, we have become the Germany LENZE, Germany PFAFF, Germany FESTO, Germany RENK, Italy ROSSI,Japan SUMITOMO, Japan PANASONIC, Japan NISSEI, Japan SHIMPO,Japan SIGMA, Japan HITACHI, Japan MIKIPULLEY, and so on more than 10 international well-known brands agents。 And form a close relationship with Italy MOTOVARIO, Italy MARZORATI, Italy MEGADYNE, Japan ASAHI, Japan SUNTES, Japan KCM, Japan KAMO, Japan MITSUBOSHI,the United States GATES, Taiwan TRANSCYKO, Taiwan APEX, ESTUN and other brands。

At the same time, we have a strong strength, precision machining teamresponsible, with technology development, process planning, professional quality assurance department. We can provide the high precisionautomation machinery fittings, and the kinds of non-standard precision parts. The corresponding inspection procedure and inspection equipment.By virtue of professional experience and rich technical strength, our continuous innovation, from product design to manufacturing parts of excellence, to provide high performance products for our customers.

The future we will continue to enhance the service level and level, adhere to the high-quality products and services to every customers need。Welcome new and old customers contact us。


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